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Mistake Me Not
Do not mistake my gifts for obligation.
Autonomy is what I offer to you,
Not the wild abandon of a feral beast.
Your agency is a thread spun between my fingers.
With but a single twitch I can let the leash slacken,
Or strain it taught to a snapping directive.
I will not do battle with your contrary recalcitrance,
Nor be forced to lay siege to you unto perpetuity,
For the exercise of what you have sworn to me -
Should your oath have been hollow, you needn't have made it.
Do not mistake my compassion for complicity.
These open arms promise safe harbor,
Not forgotten ruins in which to stagnate.
Growth is the highest principle to which you shall aspire.
Cracks and flaws can be honored and embraced,
Never again shall I accept your crown of thorns,
Burying it into my own brow to lift that burden from you,
Only to find you jeering at my halo of blood -
I am heedless to empty words.
Do not mistake my resolve for hesitation.
Blazing underneath my breast lie only smoldering remnants,
Dark agents
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 2 3
A Page Empty Forevermore
This page remains blank.
For so long my thoughts have swarmed in this haze,
Discordant and exhausting.
I thought that there was so much left for me to say.
But now I understand.
The words will not come to me,
Because there are no words left.
None that carry any weight.
All the sentiments that once raced through my breast,
Whenever I should have closed my eyes to Dream of you.
They each have passed with a hushed shudder,
A death so subtle I never smelled the rotten corpse.
And of it all,
Now I cannot escape my Truth.
There is no more poetry in my heart for you.
And that was the moment you died in my soul.
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 2 1
Mature content
Endearments :icondiadrin:Diadrin 3 0
Mature content
Daddy Is Your Haven :icondiadrin:Diadrin 4 1
Mature content
Come Little One :icondiadrin:Diadrin 4 1
Mature content
But A Knife In the Dark :icondiadrin:Diadrin 1 1
You, the Dream
I dreamed the dream of you.
Perhaps that echoes of a hollow platitude.
"Oh baby, I had a dream about you,"
Sounds the choir of cloned voices,
Ringing out from a circle of blurred suitors.
So maybe when I express my sincerity to you,
I disappear into that forgotten throng.
But I fear you misunderstand me.
I did not dream about you.
You have long been all of the dream.
Every moment in each other's company,
Every winter's midnight that sees us sprawling before the fire,
Clutched to each other in open rebellion of the wilderness outside,
As we ravage our way through an endless sea of books.
That is my dream.
Not the grand and sweeping gestures of a story-book romance,
But the down-to-earth truth of our own hearts,
Wrapped in the simple warmth of a quiet family.
Every thundering storm-lit afternoon,
Wasted in quarrel and silence.
That is my dream.
Not the ever-pleasant tranquility of a fantasy romance,
But the unfettered reality of our own hearts -
Each sobbed apology to mend every rift bet
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 4 0
Mature content
What See You? :icondiadrin:Diadrin 1 0
Mature content
The Gift of You :icondiadrin:Diadrin 4 1
Mature content
My Prayer a Caress :icondiadrin:Diadrin 1 0
Earth, Wind, Water
Oh, misty mountain lonesome.
Sentinel of time beyond memory.
How long have you stood there in silent watch of the world below,
Before my love was ever born?
Beseech thee do I,
To lend me that immutable stance -
That I may hold myself still before her,
Shielding her from the ravenous hunger of this world,
Those winds of avarice that blow to tear flesh from bone.
Oh, tranquil sea sparkling.
Cradle of life beyond memory.
How swift and deep do your currents run,
To hide more secrets than I will ever know truths?
Beseech thee do I,
To gift me your cleansing flow -
That I may wash her of her worries,
Carrying them down into a lightless depth of my own.
Oh, open skies untouchable.
Bearer of tales beyond memory -
How vast are your great reaches,
To cradle the Moon to sleep, and a star for every wish?
Beseech thee do I,
To hand me your gusting winds -
That I may carry her to a world above her pain and sorrow,
Where she might fly amongst her own dreams.
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 1 0
Angel to a Corpse
I wonder if you even know what those words meant.
I wonder if you have any idea how important it was to me,
To hear them slip past your lips with such sincerity.
How deeply you have destroyed me.
To your face I maintain a youthful smile,
Because I could not bear to have you pay Witness -
For you to glimpse what corpse you have left inside of me.
Even now little sickens me more than the thought of hurting you.
So I hide who I have become and I lie to your face.
A corpse indeed I am, though.
After all, what other than a corpse couldn't give you what you want?
What other than the walking dead could not see what you needed?
So that must be what I have always been.
And for that I apologize to you.
Yet even as a corpse -
I feel.
I hurt.
From a distance you will never understand,
I continue to watch as you fly on without me.
A cold and unshakeable ache settles inside of me,
An unsettling truth I do not want,
But cannot escape.
Perhaps you are happier now?
Do others know the steps to your danc
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 2 0
Hushed Silence
I made love to solitude because of you.
Turned its embrace of nothingness into my welcoming wife.
Learned all the demands it would make of me.
No, perhaps that is unfair.
Not because of you.
But because of what you are;
What you represent.
The Keeper of Time no longer comes to visit me.
Why should he, I rebuff him at the door.
Here in this place of seclusion it matters not the comings and goings of days.
No longer do I know how long this has been.
Echoing dreams and the twisted freak-show of half-finished thoughts strangle me.
Paralysis eats away at my bones when I see your face.
I know my mouth should scream into your soul all the ways my mind is drawn.
But instead I simply tighten the draw of my smiling lips and nod your words along.
Fear not, though, for you are not the harbinger of my doom.
I, but a standing stone in a river, battered against by the rushing tide of my own nature.
Were once you were a fork in the river, worry not that you have quickened its pace.
You are as a tangle
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 2 3
Eruption of Life
Moments spent in isolation,
Find me struggling against shadowy wisps that grapple me.
Choking on a remorseless conscious for past sins,
Darkness overtakes my eyes and blinds me to absolution.
I am held fast in a unending Abyss by my own fears,
Drowning in a silence both cold and bitter.
Accursed am I to be trapped behind the looking glass,
My temples cradled in the fingers of oblivion.
Held tightly to bear witness to what is beyond my grasp.
As the last of my strength fades from my struggle,
Slowly do my eyes fall to take me forever into sleep.
Strangely I find no will to resist,
Tired as I am of toiling to contain the demons within.
Yet just when I set my chin to my chest to surrender,
A brilliant explosion of color lances through my heart.
Riotous sound beats into my mind in a deafening cacophony,
Blasting away all trace of the silence that one screamed.
When first subjected to these alien sensations,
Torment erupts through my veins like a blazing snake.
I struggle to escape this unw
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 1 0
Will Be Done
Here I stand upon the precipice of eternity,
Staring with painful clarity into the stark blue-
An azure, ravenous maw-
Balanced so precariously upon the thin steel tightrope of life;
Soul-numbingly white seas of Hell roiling 'neath me.
Yet I stand unbroken before the naked face of my own mortality,
Heart pounding with the exhilaration of the Immortals-
The thrill of defying Death's piercing claws once again-
Eyes scorched with the determination of the Abyss bellowing for my soul;
I stand tall before the leering specters of doom and refuse them.
For flung off to great distances awaits a piece of my soul,
A half torn from me when borne into this world by baptism of blood-
A young maiden trapped in the towers of Fate-
Kneeling to the cold and unforgiving stone in prayer;
I look to the heavens and scream,
My will be done for her!
Again my world lurches downward, my vision swallowed in unending white,
A dragon has come and stretched wide its muzzle-
All razor fangs, dark heat, and foul-smel
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 0 3
Your Lingering Presence
Have you become my shadow;
Haunt of my own design?
In the hollow depths of my loneliest nights,
Wispy and insubstantial pieces of you still crowd the edges of my vision.
Shattered and empty dreams of you,
Like cracked and oozing sores left to fester inside the truth of me.
In such a way that I cannot reach them or heal them.
What brief flashes of respite I might find are no more,
Even the shortest of my dreams chokes me with the specter of your affection.
You are become the angel of my destruction!
I cannot function without every filament of my being suffused with you.
I eat, but fill my ravenous gut with naught but ash;
I taste only the bitter loss of your heart.
I breathe, but smell only the festering flesh within my breast;
The air within my lungs still carries the scent of your innocence.
Your lingering wound hounds the breadth of my life.
I screw shut my eyes and hold my breath,
Falling to my knees and praying to hear the sighing breath of Gaia,
Begging the concept of God to resto
:icondiadrin:Diadrin 3 2
What I write, I write because I felt like it. What I post, I post for me. Barring a very select few individuals, I don't write for you. I don't write for your sensibilities, for your faith, or for anything about that which defines you as a person.

I write for myself. I write what I feel, what I think, what I know. If that offends you, that's fine. The world is a vast place, where two people's views aren't always guaranteed to coincide peacefully. If you want to talk about it, great. If I don't feel like it, though, I won't.

You read whatever I post at your own risk. I take no liabilities if it offends you. If you keep that in mind, we'll get along nicely. Have a wonderful day.


Random Favourites

Lets Pretend
Lets pretend you love me,
Lets pretend its true,
Lets pretend we're happy,
Make believe green is blue,
Pretend that things are fair,
Pretend that they are right,
Pretend that you are in my heart,
If only for tonight,
Lets pretend we're happy,
Lets pretend we're free,
To make our own choices,
In this world of greed,
For nothing ever goes right,
Nothings ever fair,
Just remember that in the sky,
The stars are always there,
Lets pretend I love you,
Lets pretend its true,
Lets make believe for just one time,
That our lies can tell the truth.
:iconllfbh33:llfbh33 6 11
Goddess in Green by OrdinaryBeauty17 Goddess in Green :iconordinarybeauty17:OrdinaryBeauty17 1 2 Virtual Bubble Wrap by zacthetoad Virtual Bubble Wrap :iconzacthetoad:zacthetoad 3,103 705
Let go and run
No matter where you run
I will hunt you down
No matter where you hide
You always will be found
You cannot escape
My words you'll always find
Engraind into the corners
Within the silence of your mind
I'll not let you forget
These memories shall not fade
The shadows still will haunt you
Until your dying day
Some days they might seem distant
As you carry on in life
Still others are dark and vivid
Striking as painful as a knife
How ever shall I carry on?
Fighting back my tears
So I might learn to trust and love
And make progress through my years
:iconordinarybeauty17:OrdinaryBeauty17 2 6
angel sweet girl by mici-mimi angel sweet girl :iconmici-mimi:mici-mimi 5 7
warm light radiates
out of your soul
I feel warmer
when I'm close to you
your sheild surrounds me
safety holds me close
I know you take pride
in making me smile
and you succeed
so easily
lately these are rarities
and so fragile
I feel calm
you're so close
within destructive minds
our secrets climb
up to the top
I'm not surprised
its because of our eyes
we lose all the lies
the truth is the same
it hasn't changed
the little saftey locked boxes
slide open quite easily
secrets hide
from destructive forces
but they're so visible
I'm glad you still
smile at me softly
my soul is leaning against yours
your hand reaches slowly
there is no barrier
we broke those already
:icongirlxinxthexdark:girlXinXtheXdark 2 95
Naiad by fox-wise Naiad :iconfox-wise:fox-wise 2 3 treehugger by fox-wise treehugger :iconfox-wise:fox-wise 7 3 Illuminate Me by girlXinXtheXdark Illuminate Me :icongirlxinxthexdark:girlXinXtheXdark 0 23 You Never Knew Me by girlXinXtheXdark You Never Knew Me :icongirlxinxthexdark:girlXinXtheXdark 3 130 Focus by girlXinXtheXdark Focus :icongirlxinxthexdark:girlXinXtheXdark 2 8 The Yolker by caramel-k The Yolker :iconcaramel-k:caramel-k 89 60 Pedo Feral-taruen dr00d by sweetietweety111 Pedo Feral-taruen dr00d :iconsweetietweety111:sweetietweety111 25 45 Wind Through My Hair by girlXinXtheXdark Wind Through My Hair :icongirlxinxthexdark:girlXinXtheXdark 2 15 Its all about the music by girlXinXtheXdark Its all about the music :icongirlxinxthexdark:girlXinXtheXdark 2 11



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Just a gender fluid, pansexual, polyamorous furrie that practices BDSM and heathen spiritual worship.

What more do you need to know? ;)

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Some of you already know, and some of you may not, but I have a semi-active YouTube channel.  Mostly, I post Let's Plays and advice columns for table-top RPG's, but I've been looking to branch out into other directions as well.  Among other ideas, I thought about maybe doing readings of some of the less risque poems I've written.  Any thoughts?


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